Visual Merchandising for Heartland Enterprises

How to Apply?

1.Attend at least one Vendor Briefing conducted via Zoom meeting

(i) 1st Session: 15 April 2021 (Thu), 1-2pm

Click on the link below to join the zoom meeting or scan the QR code on the banner:…

(ii) 2nd Session: 20 April 2021 (Tue), 12-1pm

Click on the link below to join the zoom meeting or scan the QR code on the banner:…

2. Submission of proposal: Submission deadline: 3 May 2021 (Mon), 6pm. Late or Incomplete submission will be disqualified.

The Objective:

1. Improve storefront marketing with better product layout and space optimization

2. Build proficiency in content development and visual merchandising strategy

3. Develop quality digital assets to support online marketing and promotions

The Problem Statement

1. Improve storefront marketing.

Help enterprises refresh their store designs to attract higher footfall with basic components (Painting works, Fixtures/Shelving, Lightings, and Signboard) and add-ons (Shutters, Flooring and etc.).

2. Capability Building

Help enterprises develop product placement skills and synergize to improve the shopping experience; making it more appealing and enjoyable.Help enterprises develop proficiency in identifying USP through SKU analysis.

Help enterprises develop product photo-taking and copywriting skills for marketing and seasonal promotions.

3. Develop quality digital assets

Help enterprises develop digital assets (product photo-taking and copywriting for up to 20 SKU/items for retail trades and 5 SKU/items for services trades) and marketing collaterals (min 2) to perform online and offline marketing and promotions.

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