Leadership Development

Leadership development is important in any organization for growth and sustainability. As leadership renewal is always a challenge in an NGO –more so in a Merchant Association (MA) in the heartlands. Over the years, the role of MAs has evolved and the leader plays an important part to revitalize and inject vibrancy in the neighborhood center. The leader has to be effective and productive in order to transform the business community. Therefore systematically training leaders to communicate more effectively, set goals and achieve results and deal with interruptions have become critical and essential.
Leadership training will be given the highest priority to all key committee members in each MA to encourage them to be proactive in FMAS events and help to expand the network. Another training focus will be how to improve productivity on their own businesses. FMAS can also organize overseas study missions and conferences for leaders to build bonding and learn new experiences among members and like-minded groups. The proposed new programs are shown in Table 4.
Among its members, FMAS will develop new business leaders who are capable of running the association. The new generation of leaders need to be committed to the shared vision, have the integrity that foster trust and are equipped with skills that not only informs but influence stakeholders and gain their support. These new leaders must be aware that leading a merchant association is vastly different from operating a business therefore needs to employ a different skills set.

Leadership Development Programs

– To be an effective leader
– Prepare for leadership renewal

Training for MAs Leaders

  • Planning and management skill
  • Effective Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Study Mission Trip

S1 Leadership Training
S2 Improve Effiency of Operation

Table 4 – Proposed program for Leadership Development unit

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