Award Story


For decades, heartland enterprises have been serving our local community diligently, whether as a confectionery, HDB coffee shop, minimart, or any other neighbourhood store. Deeply interwoven into our everyday lives, their presence however is often lost on the community at large.

In this inaugural Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award event, FMAS would like to single out these unsung heroes in the heartland, shine on the success of these heartland enterprises and their core strengths, as well as recognise their contributions to the community.

Through this Award, we hope to honour these rising stars for excelling in various areas: Best Customer Service, Best Marketer, Best Visual Merchandising, Most Innovative, Most Franchisable, and Heartland Heritage Enterprise Award.

The Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award also serves as a catalyst and platform for heartland enterprises to learn from other heartland enterprises’ success stories, on how they can strengthen their company’s operation and hone their competitive edge within the heartland business community – to be the next rising stars.
Acting as a beacon of inspiration to heartland enterprises, FMAS motivates them to drive their business forward and push up the overall business standards, and elevate their professional image as a whole, through the Singapore Heartland Enterprise Star Award.

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